Important Tips For A Smart Car Owner/Driver in Rainy Season For Safe Journey

Replace Your Wiper Blades :
Always check your wiper blade and grips ,if they properly set or not clears water properly ,change them immediately .Because Clear vision makes less chances of accident.

Always Check Your Tire Pressure :

While tire pressure is an important safety concern year round, it is absolutely crucial during rainy season. If 

your tires are under-inflated, there is a greater chance for water to come between your tire and the road 

surface, resulting in a hydroplane and a loss of traction. Keeping your tires well inflated prevents this by 

making the contact area smaller and ensuring the grooves in your tires properly channel water out from 

underneath your tire. To check tire pressure, use a pressure gauge by unscrewing the cap on your tire’s air 

nozzle. Place the pressure gauge on this stem and press down firmly to get a reading of the pressure in the 

tire. This is measured in pounds per square inch, or PSI. Compare the number from the reading to the 

recommended tire pressure written on the side of your tire. If it’s low, add air to the tire using the air stations 

common to gas stations. For savings and convenience,  continually check the pressure with your gauge to 

prevent over-inflation.

Frequent Check your Brakes :

Brakes can be the difference between a close call and a fender bender, or worse. When roads are slick with 

rain, it is absolutely essential to ensure your brake pads are in great condition. By looking through the holes in 

your rims, you can generally get a good impression of your brakes without having to take the wheels off. The 

first thing you’ll see is the brake disc. If you look at the top of the brake disc, you’ll see where your brake 

pads meet the disc. Gauge the thickness of the pad – if it’s less than 2/32” it’s time for a replacement. If the 

pads are cracked or very shiny, it’s a sign they’ve overheated and need to be replaced.

Waterproof Your Car  :

Check your Car top roof and door seal rubber .Replace or repair them if they need to. Check whether your 

window glass closes properly. Also check your Gear box cover.

Protect Your Car Paint :

If you mostly drive in air polluted or industrial area, there the  rain contains damaging chemicals including 

sulfate. Called ‘acid rain’, these compounds can cause permanent damage to your car’s paint and surface. 

Frequent washings followed immediately by hand drying are the best way to combat this damage. Use soft 

cotton  to dry  and prevents water spots.

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