Smart Technology Enabled Car Head Light for clear vison in rain

In Rain We all always face problems while driving a car.This is for vision problem in rain.The car light spreads and not becomes so cohorent as in dry weather.So there is always a chance of Accident.
To over come this, Indian Research Team discoved a new solution for this.Here the technic is not to reflect illuminating raindrops to drivers eye. 

The Technology, developed by the Carnegie Mellon University team led by Srinivasa G. Narasimhan, consists of a camera, projector, and beam splitter, linked to a computer processor. 

The camera takes a picture of the raindrops at the top of the field of view. The processor can tell where the drops are headed and sends a signal to the headlights, which adjust the beams of light they send out so that there isn't any light where the raindrop is. 

The whole system is fast - the time from capture to when the light adjusts is about 13 milliseconds. A raindrop moves falls at anywhere from nine to 13 meters per second, .so the drops will only fall about 9-13 millimeters, or about a third to half an inch. 

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