Namitha Hates Size Zero But Continues Yoga For Fat Reduction

Recently Namitha has admited to yoga class for her reduction of Fat.She is now looking like Pumpkin.
Some Producers and directors adviced her to do so for next up comming movie.
But namitha told that she hate size zero.Namitha told she never want to reduce her fat.
After coviencing a lot she agreed.
On a special guest appeareane on Dr. Batra's Photo exibition she discussed about her
Weight loose matter.Perhaps Namitha didn't agreed for that and She Joined Yoga lass for Loose her Weight.
Now She is continuing Her Yoga classes for weight loss.

Here is Namitha Still when she is at Dr. Batra's Function and Photo while doing Yoga.


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  1. teri doodh chote hojayenge to film hit nehin hogi