Kasmira Shah Hot Image Gallery Part 1

Kashmira Shah is an Indian actress,was born in 1975. She has been in a few bollywood movies more often as an item girl,She is Kashmira Shah, the Bollywood actress who was first tagged with a B-Grade image. But eventually she groomed herself and now became hot favorite for still photographers.

Hot Indian model turned actress Kashmira Shah extremely hot in exclusive pics. Extremely shocking the way she posed for the photo shoot with minimal garments on and it might set a new trend among all bollywood actresses, and her ready to remove attitude will definitely be appreciated by her fans too.

Kashmira Shah is a leading member of Bollywood bare all brigade.She has exposed her sexy body in many Indian films.Wearing a bikini does not amount to much body exposure for this starlet.As you can see from the above pictures she has a very hot figure and her poses especially the one where she is squatting really puts your imagination on fire!

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