Fake Facebook Girl Profile Photo

 Think once again while accepting/sending request to fake people,
Lots of teen age boys/girls are attracting to social networking sites.

The nasty mind people some how collects photos from web or friends cellphone .
Be Aware :
Unfaithful friends always cheats their cousin/relatives/friends/girlfriends.


-Protect your cellphone memory
-Be-aware while giving your cellphone to repairing shop / friends.
-Protect your Private photo in Hard-disk using proper software.
-Also warn to Laptop/notebook/computer service center.


Take legal action if something happens like this.
Inform that social networking site to close that account.
Contact web search engine not to display those photo/image. 

Here is some collected Photo of some girls from web. If  you are owner/relatives of some face posted here,
then inform her to take proper action and also me to delete soon as possible.

Join hands to Save Girls/Sisters.

Updating ...........more to aware you ...........

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