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Starcast :

In this movie Aurangzeb many famed and old artist like Rishi Kapoor,Jackie shorff,Anupam Kher ,Arjun kapoor,Amrithaingh had worked much better.

Indroducing  Sashesh Aaghah

Aurangzeb Movie Screen Shots

Aurangzeb Movie Story

ACP Arya is from a Family of Cops and follows his paternal uncle Ravikant . Ravikant raises Arya as his own son and has a very happy family in the form of his son Dev , who is also a cop, his wife and a daughter who is also the wife of a policeman.

Arya approaches Ravikant for help for a clean chit to his late father , who was killed in an encounter. The last thing that Arya’s father tells his son is about his second wife and son Vishal . His father’s words being etched in his mind, Arya sets out with Ravikant to do justice to his step-mother Veera  and brother Vishal.

In a parallel world, Yashwardhan  is a gangster who has an empire of real estate in the National Capital Region. He is teamed up with Neena , who is his fling and partner in crime. Yashwardhan’s son Ajay , who is totally insensitive towards emotions and the realities of life has seen a very wealthy life. Ritu , is one girl who is blindly in love with Ajay and puts up with his abuse. What follows is a happenstance of the twins when they find their lives tangled by the cops.

Prithviraj, the Malayalee sensation has made a good comeback after his sloppy start in Aiyya. Kudos to his Hindi and the man himself, who has what it takes to be one of the most successful rookies of the industry. Prithviraj is one such person in the movie who has lived his character quite superbly.

Arjun Kapoor as Vishal and Ajay has done well, while Rishi Kapoor comes across us as an actor par excellence who can still deliver a product so flawless. Saseh Agha does get bold and intimate in some scenes in the film, but has to have some substance. There are times in the movie when she gets very annoying with very little or no acting.

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